Cell phones…

…are a tool of the devil. Or at the very least, more trouble than they’re worth. Gave up trying to revive mine and accomplished about a dozen other things which is so out of character for me and I mean that in a good way. It was as if the little cartoon clouds above my head had parted for a moment, allowing vision and clarity or at least the energy to get up out of my chair and clean the damned refrigerators for a change. It was like an archeological dig, that was. How old does jam have to get before it actually grows mold, I ask you? Quite old indeed. Bought the universal remote I’d been needing since it was ridiculous to have two televisions and still not be able to watch certain channels without aid of the single VCR. Now listening to a used CD I bought about three weeks ago and forgot about: The soundtrack for “Basquiat.” Tom Waits is singing “Waltzing Matilda,” and though that sounds ridiculous, truly it’s fucking gorgeous.

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