At least telemarketing keeps people in jobs…

I’m being spammed by pop up ads. I’m on a search and destroy mission to find the elusive adware program that has somehow installed itself on my hard drive. I’ve already deleted/uninstalled about four of them. What the hell?

Funny bit from one of them. It was for a matchmaking service and promised “free matches for a year.” How confidence inspiring is that? That if you were single and using their matchmaking service the odds are apparently in favor of your still being unattatched after a year of using the service?

As to the rest of it…well, one of the things about adware is that it supposedly targets ads to your individual tastes, which is a total and utter crock. I don’t want to connect to online casinos. I don’t need help refining my websearching techniques. I think we’ve already established that I’m not in need of penis enlargement. Now if they had some Zoloft ads, you’d know they were targeting me,since Zoloft ads seem to follow me everywhere. About the closest thing to an ad I’d be remotely interested in is the ad for the pop up ad blocker. And damned if I’m going to pay to keep from being harrassed by pop up ads. That’s just plain extortion, is what it is. Iwill find the damned thing and kill it once and for all, so help me god! Or whatever.

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