Tracklisting For “Cowpunk Noir” Mix, forthcoming…

1) Drew Got Shot -Scud Mountain Boys
2) Black Eyed Man -Cowboy Junkies
3) 7 Months,39 Days – Hank Williams III
4) Designs On You -The Old 97s
5) Walkin’ The Streets In The Rain -Pagan Holiday
6) Simple Song – Lyle Lovett
7) Waitin’ Round To Die -Townes Van Zandt
8) Snake Mountain Blues -Townes Van Zandt
9) Friend Of The Devil – Lyle Lovett
10) Some Rainy Day You’re Down -Pagan Holiday
11) Alone So Far -The Old 97s
12) Cocaine Blues – Hank Williams III
13) Murder Tonight In The Trailer Park-Cowboy Junkies
14) Cigarette Sandwich -Scud Mountain Boys
15) Pop Country Really Sucks – Hank Williams III
16) Am I Too Late? -The Old 97s
17) If I Had A Boat – Lyle Lovett

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