Buying some sunshine

It was raining and I took the girls out to get milkshakes today. I used to work at a Baskin Robbins and milkshake sales always skyrocketed on rainy days for some reason. The owner used to say people were trying to buy “a little bit of sunshine.” Rather sweet and wise, I guess, although anything else she ever had to say to me was along the lines of “Why can’t you make the waffle cones right?” Or “You can’t put so much whipped cream on the Sundaes…we’re not made of money here.” This was back when I was in college,of course. God I need to get back to school.

“I suppose I should collect my books and get on back to school

or find my daddy’s cue and make a living out of playing pool…you try to keep me amused,but I feel I’m being used…”

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