Oghams of the day, rife with symbolism (bury your heart beneath the willow tree…eat of the poisoned apple and gain wisdom…)



Your intuition will help you understand the situation and what is best to do. Give yourself the time and opportunity you need to allow your subconscious to communicate its knowledge to you.

Willow, the Ogham’s fourth tree, is closely connected to water, the unconscious, the moon, and thus the feminine. It is symbolic of intuition, the ability to make connections and gain understanding without knowing exactly how or why one knows.


Beauty and eternity

Beauty, vigor and, perhaps, love are in your future. Anticipate the good, and enjoy it when it arrives. Be careful not to scatter your energies, however; while many options may all be good, sometimes one still must choose between them.

Avalon- the Isle of Apples- is a place of healing in Arthurian legend. The apple symbolizes beauty, eternal youth and vitality, and love. It can also indicate a necessary choice among good options. Apple is the tenth of the Ogham trees.

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