Today’s Runecasting

from Matrix Oracles :

Nyd / needThey say that necessity is the mother of invention. With NYD you must have patience in order to learn where creative effort is going to bear fruit. Expect delays and limitations when this rune appears; take care of your health as well. For a time the feeling will be that success is eluding you, but the rune�??s nature is not failure. Rather endurance is required to get you through.

Ethel / inheritanceThe rune of inheritance, ETHEL indicates benefit to you through gifts and help from family, especially older relatives. In fact death and inheritance are associated, but this rune does not necessarily bring them both. There is a tendency to be stubborn and single-minded where ETHEL is found, so it can indicate areas where you need to cultivate a more flexible attitude.

….I can’t believe my fortune is a rune called “Ethel” 🙂

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