Ogham Trees of the Day

Tinne Holly:

Tinne indicates that challenges and testing ordeals are on the way. You are to be as the Holly is: steadfast in adversity, remaining green and vital during the hardships and bitter cold of winter. You need to face life’s challenges with the energy of a warrior. Even in adversity, your strength will increase. There is a directed balance and a capacity to unify two sides of a question or problem. There is the need to regain balance of some sort. Often retribution plays a key role in this Ogham, as the old law states “an eye for an eye.” To maintain this balance, an act must be returned for another act. Good begets good and evil begets evil. With a sense of justice, you can overcome all harmful influences.

Ngetal Reed:

Ngetal is a sign of harmony between this realm and those beyond it. You must bring harmony into your life for this will bring a unity of purpose and will. Inner direction and outer manifestation will seem to flow together in a harmonious fashion. You may need to challenge the elements within your environment in order to bring this harmony into your life. To accomplish this, elements may need to be harmonized, broken down, and reintegrated. Although things may seem to be threatening and even destructive, they must be dealt with. If you have the courage, contact with these powers of fluctuation and alteration can be a source of strength and illumination. A few surprises could pop up out of unexpected areas. Therefore, there needs to be a high level of ability to adapt and modify things to your will and purpose.

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