Getting up off my intellectual derriere

Dear goddess, do I need to get a life. I just put up a subblog for my opinions on things and then realized I hadn’t read or seen anything new lately for which I could conjure much of an opinion. I’m up in the morning against my will these days, so I’m going to make a pact with myself to do things like listen to NPR or that uber liberal thing they have on in the mornings on KXCI. I’m going to go to more intelligent websites than just humour and music links. I’m going to start behaving like a smart person again, for good or for ill. My baby will live if I start rationing her Disney channel a bit and if I’m going to be sitting around on the couch too tired to move, might as well use my ears for something, right? I’m going to start watching the news and listening to webradio and so forth. Wake up, Julie, a year’s gone by since last you were interesting.

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