waxing poetic


Forced to make an emergency run to the store for a particular item at four a.m. in spite of the fear of family members that I will be raped or killed if I wander about at odd hours. I am neither. I am, however, thwarted, it seems at every turn. The nearest grocery store is closed. My local 24 hour drugstore will not allow me to buy said item, even though it is in reach and within plain view, as they have roped off the area for floor waxing. I am forced to go to a nearby 24 hour grocery store. They have my item and something else I need and I briefly consider buying a bag of shrimp while I’m there, but when I wander toward that aisle I discover that the seafood area IS ROPED OFF FOR FLOOR WAXING! I had no idea that Tuesday 4am was universal waxing hour. You learn something new every day, I guess.

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