Elwood and I are gettting the band back together…

“I’m gonna ask you the question people always ask me…what do you do?

Show me don’t tell me. Send me something you’ve written (fiction, poetics, obscenely verbose ranting, I don’t care) or digital photos or scanned art or some music you’ve recorded or whatever else you do that’s creative other than things of a tactile or aromatic nature. We’re creating something here. We’re on a mission from god. We’re reviving my frustrated literary editor ambitions and giving the lot of you an audience and a forum all at the same time. It’ll be Punk, it’ll be diverse, it’ll be cool. I’m calling it Spitegeist. Send me some things to put in it. I’ll post the link when the inaugural version is ready to go live. Then I’ll feel important:)

That is all,


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