Celtic Tree Cards of the day…

The Past:


Patience required

The situation has been frustrating, and you may have reacted somewhat hastily. Examine the past and see if you rushed matters, or too-quickly chose between undesirable alternatives. Time has changed things, and perhaps opened up new options which could benefit you.

Hawthorn is the Ogham’s sixth tree, and the first of the second division. Its sharp thorns and beautiful flowers and leaves illustrate its symbolism- duality and potential danger therein. While it is often easy to see extremes, wisdom usually lies in a balance between them.

The Present:



Gather information about the situation as the salmon gathers hazelnuts. Wisdom will come from learning as much as you can, and using intuition and logic to understand this knowledge. This insight will lead you to a creative and wise solution.

Many Celtic legends involve the hazel tree, and hazelnuts which give wisdom- especially to the salmon that live in the pool under the tree and eat the nuts. Hazel symbolizes deep wisdom and insight, used to inspire creativity and resolve conflict. The hazel is the ninth tree of the Ogham.

The Future:



You will be in a good position to view the situation with some objectivity, and to gain some knowledge that will help to resolve it. Take advantage of this opportunity, remembering that some distance can help you for a time, but is most useful when blended with your personal knowledge and involvement.

The fir is the sixteenth Ogham tree and the first of the fourth grouping, ususally considered to be the vowels. (Some scholars consider this tree to be the elm.) The fir is the tallest native tree, and it grows on hills and mountains, which add to its height. This is why the fir symbolizes objectivity and perspective, a distance that aids one in seeing clearly.


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